Yes You Chien offers a full grooming experience and has evolved from many years of passion for dogs.

A qualified groomer who is experienced in dog behaviour.


The Groom Room

The "Groom Room" isn't just a place to make your furry friend look and smell lovely, it's a place for them to feel relaxed and loved.

We take our time with our grooming to build trust with your dog, we want them to enjoy their time here and gain more than just a bath and a haircut.


Groom Room Photos & Testimonials

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s definitely true for dog grooming!


Westie x Terrier



“I drive more than an hour to get to Michelle Ewens because she’s the best.”
 – Cookie’s Mum

“It was a great day for us all. I think that the trim brings out their true character. They’re terriers, not teddy bears you did a great job.”
 – Julia and Pippa’s Mum


Airedale Terrier

pippa b




From the moment you enter the property, you'll feel the tranquility of our rural French countryside home.

It's a completely enclosed animal paradise, from alpacas to chickens, from rustic stone walls to beautiful lush grass.

Training & Socialisation

We can extend your dogs time with us to include training sessions, socialisation or even just a place for them to spend the day while you're out.

We use proven techniques based on repetition, consistency and reward which improves the bond between you and your beloved dog and gives you more confidence in public places with other dogs and people.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your dog.