Dog Grooming Terms & Conditions

There are 2 documents that we complete for each new client. We'll have them ready for you at your appointment, but should you wish to read them or print and complete prior your appointment we have placed them below:

Dog Grooming Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing us for your dog’s grooming needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best care for your dog. Could you please read and agree to our terms of service as detailed below:

Medical problems
If your dog has any medical problems, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, please make us aware of them so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. When your dog is with us, its health and welfare is our main concern at all stages of the grooming process. Should we believe your dog is experiencing any fear or stress at any time, we will where possible employ alternative strategies to alleviate this. This may require extra time or sessions to overcome this problem.
During grooming it is possible that pre-existing conditions are noticed, which you will be informed of, in order that you can seek veterinary advice. Yes You Chien will not take responsibility for any existing issue that has arisen due to the grooming process. These conditions could include, but are not exclusive to, arthritis, skin conditions and pre-existing wounds.

Behaviour issues
We reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog if we believe it may cause injury to itself or any members of staff at our salon. If your dog has any history of aggression, we require that you notify us before the grooming commences. This will help prevent injury to us and your dog. If your dog has behavioural issues, we are happy to work through them with you. We also reserve the right to use any aid to ensure our safety. These include muzzles or grooming restraints. Please be aware that these are only used as a last resort and will be discussed with you on collection. A plan will be discussed as to how we can go forward with as little stress to the dog as possible.

If you notice that your dog has fleas, we ask you not to bring your dog into the salon, so as not to contaminate the area or other dogs in our care. If we find, whilst grooming, that your dog has fleas, we will automatically administer a flea bath. The charge for this service is 15 euros on top of the normal groom price. The cost covers the insecticidal shampoo, insecticidal salon sprays, extra time, and cleaning necessary to ensure that no fleas are active in the salon or passed onto other dogs in our care. The treatment will kill the fleas on your dog, however, after leaving the salon, your dog will not be protected from any fleas that may be present in your home, car or other area.

Matted coats
We practice humanity before vanity. Should a dog be presented with a matted or neglected coat, if our opinion is that it will be kinder to shave the coat back completely, this will be done in compliance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Animals are to be protected from pain, injury, and suffering). This incurs extra charges due to time and extra wear and tear on equipment.
In instances where shaving is necessary, it can uncover conditions caused by the matted hair. A matted coat prevents air getting to the skin and the dog may bite or scratch itself resulting in irritated skin that does not heal properly. Ear haematomas are also common in extremely matted dogs. The matting causes the dogs ear to swell and bleed due to restricted blood circulation to the area for a length of time. Please also note that it is difficult to shave down a matted pet without slightly irritating the skin. Of course, all necessary precautions and care will be taken however, Yes You Chien will not take responsibility for any skin irritation, nicks or grazes that arise from this process. On some breeds the coat may not grow back in the same manner. Yes You Chien and its staff will not be liable for any effects which may arise from this.

Excluded procedures
The Animal Welfare Act states that we must not cause any unnecessary suffering to any animal. Because of this, the Pet Industry Federation now advise that certain preventative care measures that used to be a dog groomers job, should now be the responsibility of a veterinary surgeon. These include ear hair plucking, teeth descaling and anal gland expression. Yes You Chien closely follows this code and therefore will not be performing these services.

Although accidents are very rare, there is a risk when dealing with moving dogs. Yes You Chien will try to inform you immediately of any accident that occurs nor any condition we notice. Your pets’ safety and comfort is our number one priority. We have taken your vets contact details and in an emergency we will do our best to take your dog to your chosen vet where possible. Please ensure your emergency contact details are up to date.

Appointment punctuality and cancellations
The quoted price includes salon exclusivity. This helps ensure a calm, low risk environment. Arriving late for your appointment can put our day behind and disrupt our other customers appointment and collection times. So, we politely ask you to arrive at the time agreed. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, this may result in you losing your grooming slot and you may be charged the full price in line with our no-show policy.

Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you must cancel or rearrange your appointment. We understand that schedules sometimes change, but any failure to show or cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice (except in extreme circumstances) will result in being charged the full fee, and no further appointments being booked until the account is settled.

Delayed collection / extended stays
Late collection of your dog can disrupt the day for us, so we kindly ask you to collect your dog at the agreed time or no later than 30 minutes after we have informed you that your dog is ready for collection. Late collections may be charged at 3 euros per 15 minutes after the 30 minutes grace following collection time.
If you wish, by prior agreement, you can leave your dog with us either before or after your groom for an agreed time if you have other things you must do or fancy a day out without your dog. Yes You Chien does offer day boarding and longer stays so can incorporate a stay for your dog around their groom.

Online, Social Media and Grooming Feedback
Most of our business is repeat custom, and we wish to maintain our standards and reputation. We often take pictures to show examples of before and after work and to use for information. Should you not wish photos of your dog to appear on social media please inform us at the time of the groom. We also ask that should you have a problem; we are approached prior to any negative reviews being left online or on social media.

Data Protection
Your details are held in confidence by us and handled in a responsible way according to and in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We collect information from you which may include names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media usernames. This data will be used as part of the process of providing services to you that you have requested and for the safe grooming of your dog. These details will only be shared if it is by prior agreement with you.

All quoted prices assume:

  • The dogs coat is well maintained free from Knots, matts and tangles.
  • The dog is well behaved, shows no aggression and groomed at our recommended periods.
  • The dog is not overweight or oversized for the breed.
  • Whilst we are happy to work with nervous/ timid dogs, these may incur extra charges due to the extra time and handling skills required.
  • Charges will be incurred for matted coats, those that are poorly maintained, or dogs with fleas, as detailed above

All charges are payable before you leave the salon with your pet. Payment can be made by cash or cheque.

By signing below, you indicate that you understand our terms of service; that you understand and agree to release and hold harmless Yes You Chien dog grooming, its owners, employees, and affiliates from and against all liabilities, expenses, damages, and costs including legal fees resulting from any service provided or injury (including death) to your pet(s) while in our care or afterward, unless Yes You Chien can be proven to be negligent.