Dog Training & Agility

Training & Socialisation

We can extend your dogs time with us to include training sessions, socialisation or even just a place for them to spend the day while you're out.

We use proven techniques based on repetition, consistency and reward which improves the bond between you and your beloved dog and gives you more confidence in public places with other dogs and people.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you and your dog.

One to one training

Puppy Training

Having trained with Gwen Bailey, Dog Behaviourist, author and owner of “The Puppy School” franchise I love helping owners to help their dogs live in our world. A puppy learns very quickly from birth and its brain is a super absorbent “sponge” in their first few months of life. Formal training and socialisation should ideally start as early as 10 weeks old to ensure that puppies are introduced early and in a controlled, gentle manner to many aspects of life. This helps protect them in later life from experiencing a situation that they are not then used to and perceive as frightening. I would be delighted to help you and your puppy with early socialisation, politeness such as not jumping up on us, and challenges that you may be experiencing. I would recommend Gwen Baileys book to all new puppy owners – The Perfect Puppy.

Rescue dogs, rehomed dogs, older untrained dogs.

I have qualifications in how dogs learn and are motivated but do not claim at all to be an expert in all areas of behaviour. I will try to help if I can, and if not, can refer you to a behaviourist.


I have trained Dexter and Daphne in agility both in the UK and France. I started agility with Dexter when he was one year old as he was a highly energetic full on, into everything, type of dog!! An agility course exercises a dog’s mind, giving them opportunities to learn and solve problems, plus tire them out! The athletic challenge also helps keep a dog fit, helps prevent obesity, increases endurance, and strengthens bones and joints. However, most of all agility is FABULOUS for developing and enhancing the connection between the dog and handler.