What happens during grooming?

During grooming & pampering your dog, I often think...
"What does your dog look forward to when he is with me?"

A friendly welcome in a beautiful setting where you can investigate the garden.

You are totally enclosed so even if you get disorientated you will be safe as you cannot get off the premises. Your human owner can leave you here in the safe knowledge that you will be pampered, happy, comfortable and secure, whilst they go off buying you treats.

Before your pamper, if you want to explore the gardens or fields quietly you can, or if you are nervous, you may choose to spend time on your own or with calm Dexter, 8 year old Cockerpoo.

If you want to play or have some energy to burn off, you can run around crazily with Daphne, a 3 year old Cockerpoo who loves to play.

When you are ready you can have your hair brushed to gently get rid of those irritating knots and air your skin. If you have lots of thick hair, it feels so good to get rid of all that undercoat and feel the cooling breeze through your thinned out coat.

Then you’ll have a warm bath and a lovely massaging wash with all natural plant based shampoos, plus your coat conditioned so you are soft and smell gorgeous for days afterwards. You can relax on a cool floor or a comfortable table whilst you are dried and brushed again. Warm air to dry you in winter, cool in summer. Your personal groomer Michelle will be with you all the time, you will not be frightened or put into a drying cabinet. The salon doesn’t own one as it is exclusive, taking no more than 3 dogs per day, so there is no rush.

Next, a haircut to your own requirements, whether you just require a tidy up or you are going to try to win a dog show. Beards and eyebrows are trimmed, along with ears, tails, bellies, legs, and feet. You will have a manicure and any matted hard hair will be removed from between your paw pads. In order to keep you in clean tidy shape, a bikini trim can be booked.

During your pamper, if you wish you can stop for a break, a quick wee or a drink.

If you are nervous or are not used to being away from your owner, you don’t need to worry, you will be comforted and very well looked after.

If this is your “first time” as a puppy or an older dog, your groomer Michelle will work with you and recognise your signals to ensure you are confident with what she is doing.

Even if you have some difficulties with arthritis, loss of hearing or sight or even dementia, you have nothing to worry about – this spa has experience in looking after dogs like you.

If your owners need some extra time shopping or enjoying a day out, you can on request, stay longer and have a relaxing day or fun in the garden or fields.

Additionally if you require some “etiquette training” Michelle can help you find your owners more exciting and want to come back to them when out on walks, or she can teach you to calm down and not jump up at people.

If you are shy or introverted, Michelle can help you deal with the world, which can often be a scary place, in a more confident way.

All in all, you will leave happy and looking a million euros, asking your owner to book your next appointment to make sure you secure your place at this exclusive salon.